Khaossia concert

Last October 31st, Captaloona Art Gallery, in collaboration with the association Pugliesi di Madrid, presented Fabio Turchetti (bandoneon and organetto) and Luca Congedo (flutes) two members of the Khaossia music ensemble. Surrounded by Claudio Fiorentini’s “Digging into Khaos” exhibition, Fabio and Luca proposed us music from Salento. The concert ended with Piazzolla, sang by Maria Cangiano, who will be at the gallery for a concert next December 13th.

Captaloona Art Gallery intends to be a hub for artists of all art disciplines and, in a friendly atmosphere, rich of positive energies, has initiated its activity thanks to the combination of arts, very well represented by the name of the group, Khaossia, which means “let there be Khaos”!