Julia Gallego

Visual artist, degree in Fine Arts, University of Salamanca, 1997, she has participated to several courses, grants and stays of creation in Spain, Greece, Mexico, Uruguay and others. Her work – halfway between imagination and abstraction – proposes natural spaces where the landscape is the main character. In these imaginary places, emotions and feelings instilled by nature are fully displayed. 

Que verde era mi valle

cm. 81X61
€ 900,00 (+IVA)


cm. 18X18
€ 300,00 (+IVA)

La hierba errante

cm. 20X30

€ 300,00 (+IVA)

El estanque dorado

cm. 18X18

€ 300,00 (+IVA)

Into the wild

cm. 113.5X32

€ 1000,00 (+IVA)

El bosque

cm. 162X50

€ 1300,00 (+IVA)

El puente sobre el rio Kwai

cm. 120X120
€ 1500,00 (+IVA)

Cumbres borrascosas

cm. 121X81
€ 1200,00 (+IVA)