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Do you want to go back to your job and forget about this narrative totally burying yourself in the same old habits, with bills and rent to pay, never enough money, job insecurity, frustration, regret of not having done something to change this world, of not having chosen a better life, or do you want to have fun getting into mischief in Captaloona with me?

Claudio Fiorentini, Captaloona, 2012

Captaloona is the title of a novel by Claudio Fiorentini. Today is also a concept living in the heart of Madrid, an exhibition space with a workshop in the backroom and the permanent presence of its creator and owner, Claudio Fiorentini. A meeting place provided with sound system, microphones, electric piano, guitar, adjustable lighting, that can be used as show room for emerging talents, as trait d’union between cultures (with particular emphasis on Italian and Spanish culture) that can also just be enjoyed as a meeting place.
Captaloona is a sentimental catalyst for lively cultural dynamics and ferments, a foothold for thought that is moving, a gym for ideas, where to get into mischief. An activity as needless as it is essential: needless because its only purpose is to play with thought and creativity, essential precisely because of that.


Calle de Andres Mellado 55, Madrid


February 1/15

Exhibition of Maurizio Campitelli, Simona Gloriani, Gabriella Tirincanti, Sergio Guerrini and Lucia Di Miceli

Diverse artistic languages proposing a dynamic of encounters in which we perceive the sense of creativity. Harmonizing styles and messages in order to find new dialogue paths in the contemporary art’s ferment.


  • Monday through Friday 10:00/13:00 – 16:00/19:30
  • Saturday 10:30-13:00
Permanent exhibition and for sale

Ground Water Fire - Magma

Raku e Kintsugi pottery

Marco Vallesi
Helen Fioretti


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