February in Captaloona

Where once there was a plumber, today there’s an art gallery that organizes events of all kinds. February has been the month that has seen Captaloona Art most active, with two exhibitions (Encuentros (Encounters), with five Italian artists, and Colores de Marruecos (Colors of Morocco), with Nadia Chellaoui), two inaugurations with extraordinary musicians and poetry readings, a concert, a workshop about voice, a book club meeting and, grand finale, musical improvisations over the paintings in the exhibition (paintings by Nadia Chellaoui and music by Sebastián Vita).

Our events and meetings end with a toast, during which it is possible to talk to the artists and new friendships, encounters and relations are born, as well as new opportunities for all who take part in Captaloona Art life.

We welcomed participants from all over the world, confirming that art knows no boundaries and that social gatherings make our lives better.

A taste of what we organize in the gallery:

Improvisations of Sebastián Vita