Art from the confinment

We are facing changes of immeasurable dimensions and these days, like never before, the whole financial, political and social system is being reconsidered (and reorganized) globally.

Living in a confinement that was unthinkable up until not so long ago, we are rethinking our lifestyles, finding different rhythms, living without social interactions (except for our family or the social networks dry contacts), exploring other ways to entertain ourselves or to enjoy whatever we like.

This is a silent and dramatic revolution that is changing our way of being and live. If we are not able to govern these dynamics, we risk being sucked into them, and when the confinement will be over, we will not understand the importance of what we are experiencing now.

That is why now, more than ever, the creative work of artists from all disciplines has a fundamental role. Art anticipates changes and movements. The artist senses the change before it happens, the artist is an intellectual of the irrational exploring new horizons thanks to creativity. The confinement which we are living is a moment of reorganization of thought and imagination, a moment of inner revolution which allows us to speak with other words, other colors, other sounds, other gestures…

That is why I invite you to participate to the project “Works from confinement”.

The works conceived during this period have the privilege of seeing the light during a temporary situation we have never lived before, live immersed in a reflection which develops globally. Never before we had the opportunity to reconsider our human activity, all, together, at the same time. Let’s seize this opportunity to speak with our art, to renew our art, to reinvent our art… we are not here to talk about viruses, masks or gloves, we are not artists in order to comment on the news, we are artists so that we can bring forth ideas that today, as we see the outline of a new world order, have the obligation to show that thought has its own dynamics, that ideas come from questions, questions come from doubt, that doubt is the language of art… Art is useless, but essential because new ideas are born from art …

Hooray for art.

I invite you to participate displaying works on the page “Obras del Encierro” – artwork from confinement -, (videos photographs, paintings, music, choreography, meditations, poems, novels… all art form finds place in this project). At the end of this confinement there will be a week-long flash mob that will unite artist, galleries, cultural promotion centers, etc.… in an unprecedented operation that will offer, contemporaneously and in various places around the world, events and exhibitions of works conceived during the confinement in a week of open doors, a festival of meetings and events that will begin with a soiree, allowing 5 minutes for each artist, giving free rein to representation, interpretation, music, theater, dance… kind of a jam session during which everybody gets together to share the creative act. Moreover, during the week each center will offer a program of activities with monologues, choreographies, confinement works concerts, to celebrate, with the union of the arts, the end of confinement.