Angela Badino

Born in Piedmont (Italy) in 1957, former professor of sciences and responsible for educational projects. Always interested on environmental themes and, especially, in the study of flora. She is co-author and illustrator of several publications on botanic and she has written several articles on trees in cities, mountain vegetation and natural environment. In recent years her artwork has taken a direction towards introspection and abstraction.


2017, acrilic on paper 
cm. 13.2X14.4


(no title)

2019, acrilic on paper
cm. 10X12.3
€ 150,00

Two cypresses and the pale winter sun

2018, acrilic on paper,
cm. 10X20.8
€ 150,00


2017, ink and water color on paper
cm. 12.2X12.7
€ 150,00