Alfredo Montaña

Alfredo Montaña is jazz, is creative freedom, in his paintings is clearly manifest the same “trance” of the musician improvising during a jam session. The artist can be assimilated to a trumpet or bass player in a jazz concert. There’s no imposition in what he does, no project, or at least the project doesn’t show, because what shows through is the feverish activity during which the artist frees himself of what is, to enter what has no limits.

Encuentro con Ulises, Penélope, Telémaco y Su Leal Oposición

cm. 100X100

€ 16000,00

Cuarteto para Brahms

cm. 97X130

€ 18000,00

Primer ensayo

cm. 130X146

€ 20000,00

La alternativa

cm. 200X150

€ 35000,00